About Me

I have a huge passion for the business that goes many years back. After experimenting with many different businesses since I moved to the UK, I found that making and selling jewellery is the most interesting and rewarding business. Now I work from my studio in Sheffield, England, to design, manufacture and source contemporary jewellery from across the world to build the River Pearls product line.

Echo in Amsterdam taking a break from designing and creating jewelleryHaving grown up and worked in some of the most ethnically diverse provinces in China, such as Yunnan and Tibet, I can draw on this experience to give me the inspiration for creating my collection of jewellery. The Nepalese, Buddhist and Tibetan jewellery ranges in my collection show a special kind of beauty that only comes from being immersed in the culture, ethnicity and people of these regions.

Insourcing materials, I always try to buy directly from the manufacturers in those regions to get the best quality and price. Because of this direct sourcing, I can transfer the benefit to customers like you. I mainly sell through my own website or social media, no middlewomen. This gives me a direct relationship with customers, giving me immediate and direct feedback on which products work and which do not. If you do buy something you like, please let me know through my Facebook page. Having no middlewomen also enables me to keep the prices competitive. If you would like to see my latest creations and keep up with the latest offers, please sign up for my newsletter.

The River Pearls jewellery workshopFor me, the time spent making jewellery is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing to do. I love the process of creating something new from just an idea, often starting from scratch with only the raw materials I end up with something that never existed before. When creating jewellery I like to use real pearls and gemstones because I appreciate the organic feel of them. They give a high quality feel to my pieces and ensure the jewellery keeps its original lustre and value. Simplicity, elegance and uniqueness are the most important elements that I work very hard to see in each piece.

If you have an idea for a special occasion or a special one, please come to talk to me at my studio, just send me a quick email.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy browsing through my shop; the pieces are quite diverse, many unique. There are lots to choose from, whether it is a present for someone special or you just want to indulge yourself.

Thanks for visiting River Pearls