Blue Lapis Lazuli and Red Coral Nepalese Tibetan Necklace

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This unusual necklace is composed of 5 individual pendants with the largest piece in the centre, and two curved half-moon shape pendants next to the centrepiece, and two rectangular pieces on each end. These pendants were originally handmade by an unknown Nepalese artist with Tibetan silver, blue Lapis Lazuli and Coral. It is carefully strung with six strands of metal wire with tiny Lapis, coral and silver-plated spacers. Hold securely on a 925 silver ‘S’ clasp, measuring 16.5 inches including the clasp.

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Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli & Coral
Length: Approx. 16.5 inches / 42cm
Clasp: 925 silver
Weight: 120 gram