Deep Green Burmese Jade Necklace 25''

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This gorgeous oriental deep green jade necklace is approx. 25.5 inches long, hand-knotted 69 Burmese Jade gems in 8mm, and equipped with a delicate dark silver colour screw clasp, simple but elegant. Burmese jade is said to be the stone of heaven, associated with wisdom, balance, good health, and balance.

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  • Origin of gemstone: Burma
  • Shape: Near round
  • Surface: Smooth & clean
  • Colour: Deep green
  • Size: Approx. 8 mm.
  • Clasp: Brass Screw
  • Necklace length: Approx. 25.5 inches / 65 cm
  • Knotted in between the Jade: Yes