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Huge White Keshi/KeishiCornflake Petal-like Freshwater Pearls Loose

£ 35.00

  • Pearl origin: Chinese Cultured Freshwater
  • Pearl shape: Cornflake or Flower petal-like
  • Pearl lustre: Very good
  • Pearl surface: Clean and smooth, some with beautiful texture
  • Pearl colour: Cream white with rainbow iridescent
  • Pearl size: Varies, approx. 9-11mm * 13-17mm
  • Length of strand: Approx. 15.2 inches (39cm) and about 48-52 pearls
  • Hole: Top side drilled

Creamy White Keshi Petal-like Freshwater Pearls- sell in single strand 

These exquisite keshi pearl are perfect for wedding jewellery making. They are cream white with a silky look, great lustre with a rainbow iridescent; smooth surface, some with beautiful textures which make them very individual. The natural flower petal shape and light weight of these pearls are very easy to be used in your bridal jewellery or accessory creating. You can put them on silver wires and with a few twist to make a hair piece or a brooch, also can string them up with silk or cotton threads to make a necklace.

If you want to order a sample sack, please get in contact.