Multi-colour Wrinkly Ripple Pearl Necklace & Earrings Set

£ 178.00

Genuine Freshwater Pearl Jewellery with a one-year warranty and free 14-day return policy!

  • Pearl Type:  Freshwater ( Bead Nucleated)
  • Pearl colour: Multi-colour of white, pale pink & purple, silver white, grey and gold.
  • Pearl size: Approx. 12-13mm
  • Pearl origin: China
  • Pearl shape: Rounded bumpy ripple baroque
  • Pearl lustre: Excellent very high lustre
  • Pearl surface: Natural indentations & ripples
  • Length of necklace: Approx. 18.5 inches / 47cm
  • Length of earrings: 28cm (measured from top of the ear hook to the bottom of pearl)


This gorgeous pearl necklace and earring set are made from cultured Freshwater ripple pearl, a new kind pearl that is called “Ripples” -very similar to Japanese Kusumi pearls, which is extinct now due to the pollution of Lake Kusumi in 1980’s. The colour of pearls are fabulous, they are naturally rich with a rainbow iridescent, overtone with a stunning silken glow. Very good-looking under the sunlight. The surface of pearls are not perfectly smooth, they are slightly wrinkly with ripples and uneven, which is the beauty of this kind.

The necklace is approx. 18.5 inches, gradually in size from 11mm to 13mm pearls. It is knotted in between each pearl and finished with a strong silver metal magnetic clasp. The beautiful drop pearl earrings to match with this necklace are made from a pair of 11-12mm Ripple pearls and finished with hallmarked sterling silver ear hooks (very robust and stylish). Note that matching ear studs are also available, please search for it at my store.

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