Tibetan Beeswax Amber Coral and Turquoise Necklace with sterling silver

£ 58.99

This extraordinary Tibetan necklace stands out by the rich colours of the gemstone used, such as coral, turquoise, blue Lapis Lazuli and Tibetan beeswax amber. The large trapezoid pendant hangs in the centre has lots of intricate details that use brass wire, dots and colourful stones, which is made by an unknown Nepalese artist from Kathmandu. Carefully strung with metal wire, and finished with a large Sterling Silver lobster clasp, measuring 20.5 inches.  Wear this necklace with an autumn colour dress or simply a white T-shirt with jeans.

Gemstone:  Coral, Lapis, Turquoise and Tibetan beeswax amber
Clasp: Large 925 Silver Lobster
Length: approx. 20.5 inches / 52 cm
Weight: 100 grams