Natural Multicolour Burmese Jade Necklace 18”

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A beautiful warm colour natural Burmese jade necklace. Approx.18 inches. It is unusual to find so many different natural colour jade in such a small size ( 7.5- 8mm),  although its slightly oval than perfect round shape. I strung them up with a strong green Silkon thread, and hand-knotted in between each bead to prevent scratching. It completes with a delicate silver colour screw-up clasp for the security.


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Burmese jade is said to be the stone of heaven, associated with wisdom, balance, good health, and balance. I bought these jade beads from an antique shop in Kunming – a beautiful Spring city in China, in 2019. Although it was little pricy, but I was so drawn to its multicolour nature and small size of beads. I hope you enjoy viewing it!


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