Red Coral, Lapis & Turquoise Nepalese Tibetan Necklace TN06

£ 88.00

Length: 18 inches; Weight: 118 gram


This exotic necklace was handmade by unknown Nepalese artists from Kathmandu. The three stones of turquoise, red coral and lapis set on 7 small ‘hot wheel’ shape pendants ( 44mm*24mm) of the necklace are believed by Tibetan have healing properties, which can provide protection.  On the pendant, the slightly dull oxidised brass wire pattern surrounding two circles, the large one with inlaid red coral and lapis, and the small one with inlaid turquoise , which will take you to a mysterious wonderland of Tibetan temples: deep blue sky floating with white cotton clouds, Tibetan prayer flags flying outside of temples… so peaceful! Furthermore, it was strung up by six strands of brass wire with an S shape hook in the end,  very sturdy and easy to put on and take it off.