White BIWA Pearl Necklace with Sterling Silver - PN04

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This timeless necklace is made of white BIWA pearls that shape like teeth and tiny white oval River Pearls. Hand-knotted between each pearl and completed with a beautiful sterling silver heart toggle clasp, measuring approx. 17.5 inches including the clasp. I love Biwa pearls, because of their organic look, irregular shape, lustrous and has a gorgeous rainbow overtone under the light.

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Type: BIWA pearl
Shape: Teeth
Lustre: Excellent
Surface: Natural lumps
Colour: White
Size: Approx. (L)10-20mm*(W) 7-9mm
Clasp/chain: Sterling Silver lobster clasp
Length: Approx. 18.5 inches /48 cm
Weight: Approx. 48 grams